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Beatrix Runs is Elizaveta's first full length album, highlighting her ability to alchemically blend piano pop, electronica, jazz and classical influences with a huge vocal range, while taking the listener on a magical and emotional journey.

Track List:

  1. Dreamer
  2. Meant
  3. Armies of Your Heart
  4. Snow in Venice
  5. Nightflyers
  6. Orion
  7. Beatrix Runs
  8. Odi Et Amo
  9. Victory
  10. Goodbye Song

Elizaveta Beatrix Runs CD Softpack

* Elizaveta Beatrix CD Softpack

* Includes Autographed Foldout Beatrix Runs map insert (first 100 autographed)

* Also includes immediate MP3 download of Dreamer

Buy CD $9.98
Buy Digital/Mp3 $7.98

The record comes in a digipac beautifully designed by award winning art director and graphic designer i102fly.

It includes a two-sided customized poster, which introduces a hand-illustrated map of the Beatrix Runs story: a time-traveling adventure and the underlying theme for the album.

By purchasing the physical record, fans will be able to follow the storyline as it is gradually unveiled by Elizaveta through videos, digital comic strips and other mediums. They will also be able to use the visual clues in the packaging to unlock special & interactive content online throughout 2012.

Offer available in US and CA only.

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